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Conservatism in America is over… for now.

America has decided, and tonight conservatism as we know it in America is over. Senator Ted Cruz officially suspended his campaign for the White House, the last conservative in the race. America has chosen a different path, a path that believes smart government is the optimal solution to its woes, instead of the conservative platform; decentralization, limited governance and maximum individual liberty.

LibertyREDUX exists today signaling not an end to conservatism but a rebirth. Far too long conservatives have been lazy in their grassroots, lackluster in their inspiration, and most of all, complacent in their beliefs. A united conservative platform must now be formed. Far too many Millennials have chosen the path of socialism, LibertyREDUX exists to be the alternative voice, pointing back to the Founding Fathers and the pursuit of a people based on principles and morals.

No longer can self professing Conservatives sit ideally by hoping someone will step up and defend their beliefs. No. It is now your time, it is every conservatives turn to step up and declare with a loud voice. I am a Conservative, I believe in God and I am going to stand proudly for these principles. The silent majority is a myth, if You are a Conservative, tonight proves you are no longer a majority. If we ever want to embrace the roots of this American Nation, then we must begin anew.

There are not enough watchman on the wall. The conservative manor has been invaded, the treasures plundered and now the wreckage is devastating. It is time we start rebuilding the wall and get ready for the coming battle. If conservatism is to survive, all generations who espouse these principles must take a stand.

We are looking for your help. Your Support. Your Commentary. Your Feedback. Join the libertyREDUX community. Now let us start rebuilding the conservative platform together. One principle at a time. 

Please stay posted.


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