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Clinton Ally Paul Begala Praises Trump Deal to Keep Jobs in Indiana: ‘I Actually Applaud Him’

Paul BegalaCNN commentator and former Bill Clinton advisor Paul Begala had some rare praise for president-elect Donald Trump Wednesday, giving him kudos for brokering a deal to keep manufacturing jobs in Indiana.

On Tuesday, Carrier Air Conditioning announced a “deal” with Trump to prevent one thousand jobs from leaving Indiana. Carrier announced earlier this year that they planned to outsource those jobs to Mexico, resulting in a viral video in which their workers were informed of the plan.

New Day host Chris Cuomo was skeptical of the agreement, and asked Begala’s take. “I actually applaud him using the bully pulpit to beat up on a powerful corporation to keep jobs in America. Good for him,” the Democratic strategist responded.

Begala did say that now Trump has to standardize the process. “If he doesn’t have a law that sets the same tax code for everybody– punishing jobs going overseas, rewarding jobs here at home– every CEO will know they can jack up Donald Trump, they can hold their jobs hostage and get a special deal.”

“As a one-off, it’s a good thing though,” he said. “And I think you ought to give him credit.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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