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Whodathunk? Diet soda promoted weight gain



Does your weight-loss plan include drinking diet soda?

Well, you may want to rethink that strategy.

A 10-year Harvard study part of your weight-loss plan found the drinks with the artificial sweeteners seem to promote weight gain.

Once again, conventional wisdom proves mistaken.

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Harvard researcher Vasanti Malik found that the low-calorie sweetener users were heavier and had larger waist circumferences and more abdominal obesity than non-users.

The study is not the first of its kind, nor the first to draw a similar conclusion.

A past study found that drinking diet soda was associated with an almost doubled risk of becoming overweight or obese, but a shorter-term 2012 study found that people who replaced sugary soft drinks with diet beverages lost weight after six months.

In the past decade alone, American consumption of diet soda has fallen by more than 27 percent — a loss of 834 million cases. The category went from accounting for nearly 30% of all carbonated beverages by volume sold in the U.S. to approximately 25 percent, according to Beverage Digest data.

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