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Police: San Bernardino Shooting May Have Been Triggered by Office Christmas Party

Syed-Farook-and-Tashfeen-Malik-via-ABC-screengrab-e1458603220788In an interview with ABC News’ Nightline Wednesday night, the head of the San Bernardino police department said they believed the mass shooting one year ago may have been triggered by the requirement that one of the shooters Syed Farook attend his office’s holiday party.

Emails discovered by the authorities reveal Farook’s wife and collaborator Tashfeen Malik show she was livid that he had to attended the party, which they later attacked with semi-automatic pistols and rifles. “She had essentially made the statement in an online account that she didn’t think that a Muslim should have to participate in a non-Muslim holiday or event,” said police chief Jarrod Burguan.

While in theory the mandatory party was a “holiday” party, police noted that pictures of the party showed it “had Christmas overtones to it… That is really one of the very, very few pieces of potential evidence that we have that we can truly point to and say that possibly is a motive in this case,” he said.

Police still believe Malik and Farook were radicalized and supported ISIS, but other evidence indicates that support may have been more superficial than initially thought. Computer logs show Malik had to Google the name of the leader of ISIS before she posted messages to social media pledging her allegiance to him the day of the shooting.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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