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Fox’s Bolling to Dems: Stop Blaming Sexism or Racism for Loss, ‘Your Message Is Flawed’

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-12-54-35-pmFox News’ Eric Bolling concluded today’s Cashin’ In by saying Democrats need to stop blaming sexism and racism for Hillary Clinton‘s loss and start thinking about how flawed their candidate and message was.

Bolling was reacting to a big spat between Clinton and Donald Trump aides at a Harvard forum this week, in which Jennifer Palmieri said the Trump campaign emboldened white supremacists and Kellyanne Conway said they’re ignoring the fact that their candidate was flawed.

And Bolling agreed, stating that it wasn’t racism, sexism, or white supremacy that landed Trump in the White House––it was Clinton’s lack of a clear message and her only two arguments being “it’s my turn” and “he’s terrible.”

He pointed out that Clinton had clear advantages with money, the polls, and the media, but not only did Trump win, but he flipped a lot of counties that previously chose President Obama.

Now, as Clinton aides at the event pointed out, they did win the popular vote. But Bolling noted it was the heartland that Trump successfully won over, thus guaranteeing him the electoral victory.

“We’re American,” he concluded. “Not deplorable, just American. And finally that means something again.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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