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‘If the Shoe Fits’: Salon Responds to Ann Coulter’s Criticism of Article Comparing Trump to Hitler

ann-coulter-msnbcedited-1One thing that has been observed since the rise of Donald Trump from long-shot presidential candidate to President-elect has been the tendency for liberal publications to publish pieces comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. Nary a week has gone by in the past year-plus where there hasn’t been a thinkpiece making this particular examination hitting one’s Facebook page.

In this vein, conservative provocateur and Donald Trump supporter Ann Coulter mocked Salon today on Twitter over their publication of yet another one of these articles.

Whoever runs Salon’s Twitter account didn’t take the hit laying down and responded back.

Besides hitting Trump on a daily basis, Coulter has been a regular target for the liberal website. She has been criticized over her stances on the $20 bill and Harriet Tubman, Obama’s trip to Hiroshima and Jewish people.

Last month, they published an article stating that she needed to go away and never come back. However, last year they posted a piece stating that she had fallen from grace and hit on hard times.

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