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Priebus Defends Trump’s Unproven Voter Fraud Claims : ‘It’s Possible’ Millions Voted Illegally

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-12-07-23-pmJohn Dickerson asked Reince Priebus today about why president-elect Donald Trump continues to insist that he only lost the popular vote because of illegal voting.

As Hillary Clinton‘s raw vote count continues to exceed Trump’s, the mogul chalked this up to illegal voting that took place in several states. Trump has been criticized and scrutinized for questioning the election results without presenting any proof, and on Face the Nation, Priebus was asked about why Trump is claiming things that aren’t true.

“I don’t know if that’s not true,” Reince said. The upcoming Chief of Staff went on to claim that he’s seen news about the subject, and since “no one really knows” about whether it’s true or not, “it’s possible” millions of people really did vote illegally.

Dickerson pressed on and asked whether the president-elect has a responsibility to “tighten up his standard of proof,” instead of floating unproven theories.

Watch how Priebus responded above, via CBS.

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