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Unemployment Is Down and Jobs Are Up But Conservative Media Still Finds Dark Cloud

Pessimism is alive and well in the conservative media in spite of the fact that jobs under President Barack Obama, too, are thriving,

The latest jobs report is out and guess what? Unemployment is down and jobs are up, which is in keeping with a larger pattern. Speaking of patterns, conservative media is having a fit about Obama and somehow twisting these new, positive results into something negative.

Observe the difference between the way standard, mainstream media covers the new report…


…and the way the Daily Caller does it:


The Daily Caller article started with, “While the unemployment rate dropped and the economy added another 178,000 jobs…” so at least the site is aware that overall, the employment situation in America is on the up-and-up.

Unfortunately, they’d rather complain about the people who have opted to drop out of the workforce or not get into it than celebrate new job opportunities.

Cheer up, guys.

[image: screengrab]

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