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Wallace Asks Conway: Why is Trump Refusing Intelligence Briefings Before Talking to World Leaders

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-11-17-41-amAfter their discussion about Donald Trump‘s flap with China, Chris Wallace asked Kellyanne Conway about the news that the president-elect is refusing to sit for security briefings.

Wallace noted that Trump has held conversations with the leaders of Pakistan and the Philippines, both of whom are viewed by many Americans with controversy and skepticism. Between these and the international complications of Trump’s talk with Taiwan, Wallace asked Conway why it is that Trump’s not drawing advice from the State Department and daily briefings before talks with world leaders.

“He’s not always skipping those briefings. He’s briefed by a number of credible sources on these issues,” Conway responded.

The former Trump campaign manager went on to accuse the media of selectively focusing on which conversations Trump has been having, and say that people “just have their hair on fire.”

“Let’s give this man time to form his Cabinet, and he’s also showing respect to the current president,” said Conway. “President-elect Trump is not out there making policy or announcing new policy prescriptions worldwide. He’s merely taking phone calls, and he will I’m sure be engaged with many of these leaders once he takes the oath of office.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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