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REPORT: Ivanka Trump Was Finalizing Business Deal While Attending Meeting With Japanese PM

PicMonkey Collage - ivanka trumpA new report is generating questions about whether Ivanka Trump is at the center of a conflict of interest which entangles her family’s business interests with her father’s upcoming presidency.

Shortly after Donald Trump won the election, he hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a preliminary meeting at Trump Tower. Trump’s daughter was present for the discussion, which created a lot of intrigue since she is a top operative in the Trump business empire.

According to The New York Times, Mrs. Trump’s attendance occurred while she was in the middle of a licensing deal with the retail company Sanei International. As the Times noted, Sanei’s largest shareholder is a bank owned by the Japanese government.

While it hasn’t been confirmed as to whether Ivanka Trump’s business dealings came up during the meeting with Abe, Donald Trump’s critics are concerned that his presidency will combine politics with his own corporate interests. This notion has been fueled in recent weeks due to the fact that his adult children are part of his transition team.

Approximately a week ago, Trump announced that he has plans to separate himself from his business empire before he takes office. He is scheduled to clarify this further on December 15.

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