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Why Do You Think the NY Times Recommended This ‘Timely’ Book About Hitler’s Rise?

ny-times-2In a few short weeks, 2016 will be over. How is the New York Times celebrating the end of the year that killed off so many celebrities and simultaneously made one of them President-elect of the United States? By reviewing the year’s best books, of course. But… wait… what’s this?


A book about Adolf Hitler‘s rise to power made the list, which is unsurprising. People love a good history lesson. But one word is slipped in the blurb that makes this especially interesting. What, exactly, is “timely” about a genocidal, bigoted dictator’s rise to power…?

You wouldn’t even notice the word if you weren’t paying attention, but its addition there is certainly noteworthy once you do notice.

So, uh, guys, what do you think the Times is saying about, you know, Hitler being a consummate tactician and an actor aware of his audience?

Wait, it isn’t a reference to the election of Donald Trump, is it? Surely, a book about Hitler couldn’t be “timely” because white supremacists gathered and did Nazi salutes to honor him after the big win? This definitely couldn’t have anything to do with all the swastikas that have been graffitied on public property or the vague discussions of making people of a certain religion start registering themselves, could it? And the chants of “Jew-S-A” that the lugenpresse reporters faced at Trump campaign events probably didn’t play into this, right?


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