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Media Matters to Shift Priorities, Will No Longer Focus on Fox News

media mattersMedia Matters for America, famous for its highly antagonistic stance towards Fox News, will shift focus away from its public enemy number one in the coming years.

Politico reports that the liberal advocacy group has new leadership, and with it a new mission. MMFA will still focus on “misinformation” in the news cycle, but will focus on “fake news” and “alt-right” outlets more often than mainstream conservative outlets.

“It used to be simple, Fox News was the gate keeper… but now there are so many potential bad actors,” new president Angelo Carusone told Politico. “Now there are places like Facebook who aren’t bad actors but can be enablers of misinformation.”

With that in mind, Media Matters will now prioritize “grappling with misinformation, where it comes from, and how it spreads. These new efforts will include new staff and a focus on technology, bringing in experts to build in-house software to help track conspiracy theories and misinformation.”

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