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Think you’re a manly man? Not until you try this

Charles Atlas

Are you a real man?

Knitting is not and was not always the realm of women, as many think it to be. But hey, guys invented it! Huffington Post relates:

About 200 A.D., Arabian men were fishing for food, but they had no way to catch several fish at once. They caught one fish. Then a second fish. And it was like, Geeze, this is slow as a camel. Then one day, perhaps down by the dock, one of the guys was messing with yarn, forming loops in it, and bam! Fishing net.

They stuck the net it in the water and caught a boatload of fish. And someone said, “We just invented the fishing net.” And someone else said, “Let’s invent sweaters.”

Fact Retriever reveals, amid other 46 fascinating facts about knitting, that this quality craft “Was initially a male-only occupation. In fact, when the very first knitting union was established in Paris in 1527, no women were allowed.”

Check out the video of those intent on recapturing the manly art of knitting:

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And if you’re still not a believer that knitting is also the realm of the manly man, check in with Christopher Walken in the clip below. He looks pretty serious to me.

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That’s a hotel?!

The classic song “Putting on the Ritz,” published by Irving Berlin on Dec. 2, 1929, was born from the correlation of high fashion (epitomized by the legendary Ritz Hotel) and putting on one’s best clothes and manners.

So, what might these new hotels inspire? Putting on the “schitz,” as in schizophrenia? Seriously, take a look.

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Some other funky offerings include the Treehotel in Harads, Sweden. According to the Telegraph UK:

Located in the pine forest around Harads are six unique “treerooms” (more are planned to open in the near future). Treehouses include the glass capsule-like Cabin, the lifelike Bird’s Nest, the mind-blowing reflective Mirrorcube and the UFO … which reminds guests of the final scene in E.T. There is also a Tree Sauna.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Another must-see is this hotel intended for seeing – that is, making the most of a unique view witnessed by an elite few:

Named after the Turin-born Alpine climber, the Bivacco Gervassutti
Capsule balances precariously on the edge of Mont Blanc. It’s inaccessible to most: only those who climb the Val Ferret will be able to experience the capsule, which sleeps 12.

Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy

Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy

Recycling seems to be a popular theme, using whatever is lyin’ around to turn a buck. Check out these railroad cars that would have otherwise been retired:

On the shore of Clear Lake in northern California … are nine vintage railroad caboose cars. All are different in theme: there’s a New Orleans bordello in La Loose Caboose, a Casablanca-themed cabin, jeland ‘beach house on rails’ TropiCaboose.

Feather Bed Railroad, Clearlake California

Maybe putting on the Schitz for a night or two wouldn’t be so bad. Whatever your opinion, the price, much like the Ritz, is not cheap.

Murder she wrote? Maybe not

Blob jellyfish

Blob jellyfish

Has your imagination ever gotten the better of you? If so, you may enjoy the details regarding a concerned Australian citizen who went the extra mile to report what he “feared” to be the remains of foul play. According to

A concerned man submitted the “bagged and tagged circular object” to officers in Maroochydore, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast late last week. He feared it might have indicated a drowning or possibly a murder.

The police station said in a statement that they had soon confirmed the find was not sinister.

“Officers at Maroochydore Station were all hands-on deck when, much to their initial alarm, a concerned citizen attended the counter to report a possible homicide,” said the statement.

See something, say something

“Investigations revealed what police suspected … the item was indeed a jellyfish.”

Colin Sparkes, from Surf Life Saving Queensland, said the discovery was most likely a blubber jellyfish.

He said the species was commonly found in Queensland waters and its sting was irritating, but not dangerous.

“[The] tentacles have been knocked off by wave action or eaten by fish,” he said of the one handed to police.

While I am a firm advocate of “see something, say something,” especially in today’s world, I can’t help but wonder if the citizen involved is a fan of mystery fiction. Fertile imaginations are often those well fed!

Lyin' Hillary doll

Lyin’ Hillary doll

PJ Media:

A “Lyin’ Hillary Doll” displayed next to a “Make America Great Again” sign in a country store in Smithfield, Rhode Island, prompted a firestorm of disapproval from Hillary supporters online this week. Inside the Pleasant View Orchards store the doll dangles from a metal hook, which detractors say is offensive.

The store, owned by 81-year-old Tony Polseno Jr. and his wife Camella, has been a fixture in Smithfield for 47 years. They sell apples, pumpkins, apple cider, donuts, fudge, flowers, honey and more. And now a media backlash over their “Lyin’ Hillary” doll and Trump support is threatening their livelihood.

Check out the following clip to get the skinny.

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According to the Providence Journal:

Squeeze the 11.5-inch, pant-suited Hillary plush toy – available online for $24.99 – and “she’ll tell 18 unbelievable tales,” according to The doll says: “Not a single one of my emails was classified.” Or “I don’t believe I ever lied – to the public.” Or, “When I got off the plane in Bosnia I had to dodge sniper fire.”

Facebook postings and Yelp customer reviews in Rhode Island are taking the owners of the orchard to task for the doll’s placement, describing it as “a despicable display of misogyny,” a “public lynching display” and as being “hung by a noose.” Some posts urge potential customers to stay away.

So, what say you? Is this “doll” a manifestation of free speech, misogyny incarnate, or just the rousting of a presidential candidate who lost in one of the most pivotal, engaging campaigns of United States history?

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