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CNN’s Van Jones Talks to Obama Voters Who Switched to Trump

van-jones-messy-truthCNN’s Van Jones kicked off his primetime special The Messy Truth tonight by talking to a family that supported President Obama twice, but went for Donald Trump this year.

Scott Seitz voted for Obama twice and so did his only son of voting age in 2012, but he and all three of his sons voted Trump this year. He told Jones that after putting Democrats in office for many years, they just forgot about working families like theirs.

Derinda Seitz voted Democratic down the ticket, but could not bring herself to vote for either choice for president.

The two of them even appeared in the studio with Jones, and he asked, “What needs to happen for you to feel like jumping the fence was worth it?”

Scott Seitz talked about how auto and steel workers in his area are suffering and how they want to see Trump stop the “bleeding.”

Jones told Derinda Seitz he couldn’t quite understand why she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Hillary Clinton. She said that both Clinton and Trump “scared” her, explaining that “she did not do her job in showing me why I should vote for her.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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