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Limbaugh: ‘Trump’s Having More Fun Than You and I Can Possibly Imagine’

2-radio-stations-drop-rush-limbaughs-showRush Limbaugh today detected an element of “fun” in Donald Trump‘s transition process.

He thinks that a lot of the people going in and out of Trump Tower have been there “for show,” and then he said, “I think Trump’s having more fun than you and I can possibly imagine.”

Limbaugh brought up Trump’s “thank you” tour to say that Trump is probably “having more fun than any politician has ever been thought to be having fun.”

“He is literally immersed in enjoyment and joy,” he concluded. “He is eating it up. And I think this endless parade of people parading in and out of the Trump Tower, I think a lot of it is just a show. The people involved don’t know it.”

You can listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

[h/t Daily Rushbo]
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