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Michael Moore: Democrats Should ‘Take Some Comfort’ in Clinton’s Popular Vote Win

michael-mooreCNN’s Van Jones ended his primetime special The Messy Truth tonight by speaking with Michael Moore about the way forward for Democrats after such a crushing election loss.

Jones began the special by saying both parties “suck,” and Moore agreed with him that the Democrats suck because they won the popular vote in two separate recent elections and still lost.

Jones said that the Hillary Clinton campaign has been blaming their loss on things like the FBI letter and so they “didn’t seem to really get the message.” Moore recalled how he called it back in June and no one really listened.

And given the fact that Moore didn’t have the kind of polling operation or focus groups that the Democrats did, Jones said the party basically “set a billion dollars on fire when they could have just asked you.”

Moore again spoke about the frustrated working-class Americans who may not have agreed with everything Trump said but believed him to be their “human molotov cocktail” who would shake up the system.

Jones wondered about the “freakout” Democrats have been having recently and Moore recommended they take solace in the fact that Clinton won the popular vote, meaning most of the people in the country did not agree with the direction Trump wants to take it in.

Watch above, via CNN.

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