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Now That Pizza Rat’s 15 Minutes of Fame are Over, Meet Pizza Possum

pizza-possumStep aside, Pizza Rat. There’s a new food-loving rodent in town here to steal the spotlight, and he’s much, much cuter than you are. This week, Melanie Dinjaski, who works for Fox Sports Australia was at a birthday party when two Possums came to join the group. They headed straight for the food table, as one does, and, as Dinjaski told Huffington Post Australia, “made a move for a pizza slice,” as one does.

It appears the possum has eaten pizza before- or else just knew how it’s done. “No-one handed it the pizza, it just picked it up out of the pizza box like that. It was hilarious that it was holding it the right way and eating it just like a human would,” said Dinjaski.

Eventually, it began to rain so the group moved inside for cake. The possum waited by the door, hoping for a slice, but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

[image via Twitter/@MelanieDinjaski]