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‘You Jerks on Social Media’: ESPN’s Jason Fitz Goes on Epic Tirade Against Clemson Fans

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-52-27-am-1Jason Fitz has had it with “you jerks on social media,” specifically those who root for the Clemson Tigers.

The College Football Live host, who moonlights as a member of the GRAMMY Award-winning country group The Band Perry, went off on an angry tirade against Clemson fans who he says have behaved poorly online — so much so that he is now cheering against the school’s football team.

“I am here to tell you all that I now actively root against Clemson,” Fitz said. “Not just now and not just until the end of the year but until you guys turn it around. When I say you guys, I don’t mean anything on the field. I mean all of you jerks on social media.”

Fitz didn’t go into much detail about what set him off beyond one brief allusion to the generic Clemson fan who “tells me to kill myself.” But he made it clear that he found their behavior appalling.

“You sit there, and you watch TV, and you…say that you want players to act like they represent the school. You say you want your coaches to act like they represent the school. And then you represent the school like jerks on social media. I’m tired of it.”

Watch above, via ESPNU.

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