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Charlie Sheen asks God to kill Trump


President-elect Donald Trump and actor Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen – who once proposed that Donald Trump make him his vice-presidential running mate – is facing massive backlash for tweeting a prayer to God, asking Him to kill the president-elect.

Sheen tweeted his prayer Tuesday evening just one hour after news broke of the death of actress Debbie Reynolds only one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, suffered a heart attack and died.

“Dear God;” Sheen tweeted, “Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please!”


The 51-year-old actor finished his wishful tweet with an emoji of a hand with a middle finger raised. His prayer was pinned to his timeline, retweeted more than 30,000 times and “liked” 56,000 times.

Now Sheen is on the receiving end of a tweet-storm backlash over his outrageous comments.

“No matter how bad life gets, I never actively root for someone to die. That is a truly evil soul,” one person tweeted.

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A user by the name of SameChick responded, “Imagine the outrage if someone tweeted ‘Obama next, please!’”

Some tweeters even suggested Sheen, who is HIV positive, should be careful with his words.

“I think statistically you have a better shot at going next,” a Twitter user replied.

Another said, “When You Wish Someone harm you bring yourself #BadKarma.”

Still, others affirmed Sheen’s prayer, which appeared to spark a number of tweets wishing death to Trump.

“Trump is a deadly menace to this country & the world. I hope Death comes for him next,” wrote Laura P.

Another tweeter responded, “I like your thinking.”

Yet another: “A-f—ing-men! That would balance things out quite nicely.”

Sheen has been all over the map when it comes to his feelings concerning Trump.

Back on July 18, 2015, he tweeted: “Trump you’re a sad & silly homunculus your words as poignant as a sack of cat farts You’re a sham pile of idiocy.”

But just weeks later, he appeared to support Trump, writing: “… If Trump will hv me I’d be his VP in a heartbeat! #TrumpSheen16.”

By Thursday, Sheen posted a defensive tweet, blasting the media for criticizing his “expression of hope or joy” via Twitter:

“The media’s reaction to last night’s tweet, is inanely emblematic of the panoramic timorousness, draped vastly and wantonly, across any and all expressions of hope or joy, that we now dare to publish or impart. oh, and by the way, i was talking to God, not you. c.s.”

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