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Netanyahu Tweets Video of Trump Bashing UN: ‘I Could Not Have Said It Better Myself’

netanyahuBenjamin Netanyahu is applauding President-Elect Donald Trump for continuously blasting the United Nations in wake of it’s new resolution on Israeli settlements.

As Secretary of State John Kerry spoke yesterday about why America didn’t veto the resolution, he seemingly conceded that the U.S. helped orchestrate the resolution on Israel’s disputed territories. The Israeli Prime Minister expressed his ire for the Obama Administration in a response shortly afterwards, attacking Kerry’s “unbalanced” speech and saying he doesn’t need to be “lectured” by foreign leaders.

Trump has been attacking the UN on his own lately, and yesterday asked “When do you see the United Nations solving problems?” Netanyahu seems to have appreciated that, seeing as he tweeted an edited version of Trump’s remarks.

During a recent slam on President Obama, Trump asked Israel to hold on long enough for him to rectify the “total disdain and disrespect” they have seen from America’s 44th president. Netanyahu reciprocated on Twitter shortly afterwards:

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