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Russian Embassy responds to Obama sanctions with juvenile, emoji-laden tweet

While some pundits are worried that President Barack Obama’s new sanctions on Russia will lead to World War III, the Russians are signaling that they’re not taking the retaliation very seriously.

In response to the sanctions announced Thursday, the official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in London posted a meme-like response:

The image appears to be mocking Obama’s “lame duck” status until he leaves office on Jan. 20.

The Obama administration announced Thursday that it would shut down some Russian intelligence sites in the U.S. while declaring their operatives “persona non grata” on American soil. Some U.S. Senators had been clamoring for a response to the alleged cyber-hacking meant to influence the election. President-elect Donald Trump, meanwhile, dismissed the intrusion and downplayed any sanctions the U.S. might impose, arguing that Americans should “get on with our lives.”

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