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This Hilarious Clothing Return Fail Will Make Your Day

We’ve all bought things we regret, and we’ve probably all ended up keeping some of those things because we’ve missed the deadline to return them. One shopper got away with the near-impossible recently at a Gap in Minnesota, and brought a shirt and waistcoat back to the store 17 years after he or she bought it.

Somehow, the return was accepted, and management was not happy. Someone posted a sign saying, “Who on earth accepted this as a return?!?!?! This item is from the Summer of 2000! That was almost 17 years ago! Our return policy is 45 days! If you’re not sure, ASK!”

An employee of the store tweeted the photo, and it’s been shared 42,000 times. A few people also shared their own crazy returns stories.

Also, there’s this:

[image via Twitter/@woofjustin]