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Conan Will Become a Weekly Show Instead of a Nightly One

shutterstock_528411667TBS is planning to rework Conan and turn it into a weekly show instead of a nightly one, according to a report from TheWrapJohn Martin, CEO of Turner confirmed it and cited competition in the field as one of the reasons for the shift. Late night TV is better than ever, and thanks to the Internet, more people are seeing lots more of its content.

Martin also said that weekly will be a better format for the show. Recently, host Conan O’Brien has traveled for several of the episodes, including trips to Cuba and South Korea. The out of town episodes have boosted the show’s ratings, and with a weekly format, he’ll be able to do more of that. Weekly late night shows have become more common recently. John Oliver and Samantha Bee have both seen success with it.

As of now, it’s not clear when the change will happen.

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