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WND author makes his case to be EU ambassador

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

He lived in Geneva, Switzerland, for four years, serving as deputy executive secretary of the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe during the late 1980s, a time when the Cold War was coming to an end and European history was shifting. He also served as an executive board member of the World Economic Forum, which began as the European Management Forum.

What’s more, he studied, earned degrees and lectured at European universities. He wrote his doctoral dissertation largely about European ideas in politics, philosophy and economics.

All of this experience, and more, leads Theodore Roosevelt Malloch to believe he is the right man to serve as Donald Trump’s U.S. ambassador to the European Union.

“I readily admit to being a eurocentric europhile and care greatly about the transatlantic alliance,” Malloch told WND. “We need strong relations with the EU nations, and I believe I could, in all humility, help to rebuild that bridge.”

Malloch is scheduled to meet with the president-elect this week at Trump Tower in Manhattan to interview for the EU ambassador post.

Perhaps Malloch’s most important qualification is that he was a key adviser to Trump during the campaign. He analyzes the reasons Trump won and makes the case for the new president in his brand-new book “Hired: An Insider’s Look at the Trump Victory.”

Although he has worked for global organizations, Malloch is very much in tune with what he calls the “pendulum swing” toward nationalism around the world in 2016.

“The pendulum swing is the Brexit ball and the Trump election,” he explained. “It is fashioned by independence and notions of national sovereignty.”

Malloch said global elites should fear Trump and the populist-nationalist revolt he represents because it signifies the end of the world they created.

He noted America is not the only place where nationalism is rising. Britain declared an “Independence Day” of sorts when it voted to leave the EU in June, and several other European countries want to hold referenda to exit the EU as well.

Want to know why Trump won, what he represents and where he’s going to take the country from here? Get the answers from a Trump campaign adviser in Theodore Roosevelt Malloch’s “Hired: An Insider’s Look at the Trump Victory,” available in the WND Superstore.

“Europe is finding its independence, and that will put an end to its global elitist institutions and restore power to the sovereign states,” Malloch declared. “Like American national interests, Europe, too, has interests and both assisting each other can find greatness again.”

Malloch, a descendant of President Theodore Roosevelt, said his personal history has prepared him to strengthen relations between the United States and Europe.

“My family roots are in Scotland, Holland and Germany, and my entire education, faith and upbringing, while quintessentially American, are deeply rooted in the European experience,” he told WND.

Malloch spent nine formative summers teaching and touring throughout Europe while he was a graduate student and a young professor. He was made an honorary member of the Christian Democratic Party of the Netherlands in 1979 at the tender age of 26. He advised the Polish government during its shock therapy and privatization initiatives at the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s.

“I speak several European languages, regularly read European books, magazines and newspapers and have been a firm supporter of the so-called Atlantic alliance my entire life,” Malloch concluded. “To steal a line from President Kennedy, ‘Ich bin ein Europaisch.’”


Having witnessed Trump’s campaign firsthand, Malloch understands ordinary Americans have soured on globalization.

“While the supporters of socialist Bernie Sanders, especially the entitlement generation, want free stuff, supporters of Donald Trump in contrast want rewarding jobs,” he stated. “While the Washington elite in the George Will/Weekly Standard club hate labor unions, Donald Trump can claim to have hired in his various companies over decades more racial minorities and Latinos than all the other GOP presidential candidates put together.

“What the Trump supporters from the white working and middle class want is simply restoration of the American dream! They seek a voice for the ‘silent majority.’”

Malloch fully expects Trump to bring back jobs for the working class and restore the American dream. He believes in the process Trump will show his supporters how to neutralize the left.

“The left is in disrepair as a result of its failed policies, failed candidates and failed strategies,” Malloch said. “This is evident not only in the U.S. but also throughout Europe and elsewhere. But make no mistake: The left, which ranges from welfarists to democratic socialists to Greens to communists, is not a spent force. Their ideologies and political factions might go into hibernation as a result of electoral defeat but they are not dead.

“The best antidote to all leftism is economic growth and prosperity and that is what Trump is about to demonstrate. The whole wide world should stand by in awe and copy it!”

Want to know why Trump won, what he represents and where he’s going to take the country from here? Get the answers from a Trump campaign adviser in Theodore Roosevelt Malloch’s “Hired: An Insider’s Look at the Trump Victory,” available in the WND Superstore.


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