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Hannity Apologies for Tweet Seemingly Praising Russia as ‘Honest Mistake’

Fox News host Sean Hannity explained a tweet Sunday approving of a call for Americans to “make Russia great again,” calling it an honest mistake.

“Amen!!” Hannity tweeted in response to the sentiment, not realizing the original tweet was making fun of him.


Hannity has since deleted the tweet, but not before Mediaite’s own Alex Griswold wrote a story on it and tweeted it out with a snarky take.

That’s a Simpsons joke, by the way.

Hannity was not happy, responding that Griswold was “lazy” and “biased.”

Hannity clarified in other tweets that he misread the initial tweet, thinking that it said make America great again.

Griswold jokingly asked if Hannity had misplaced his glasses, a reference to the last excuse Hannity used when his tweets landed him in hot water.

Ok. Everyone got that?

[Image via screengrab]