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Corinne is Naked 30 Minutes into Episode 2 of The Bachelor

the-bachelor-corinneOn tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, 12 of the women get invited on a group date where they all get dressed up in some sort of bridal or bridesmaid outfit for some reason and do a photo with Nick. Themes included Vegas, a “shotgun” wedding that involved both a pregnant belly and a shotgun, and someone’s costume was really just leaves covering her nether regions with no top.

This did not sit well with Corinne, who doesn’t seem to know where she is at times. She’s totally jealous that Nick is talking to and interacting with the other women, despite the fact that she literally signed up for a show that involves dating the same guy that more than 20 other women are also dating.

As you might imagine, it also does not sit well with Corinne when Nick kisses another girl.

So, what does she do? She decides she’s also going to take her top off. So she does. And we’re only 30 minutes into episode 2.

Anyone want to place bets on this season’s villain? Corinne got the rose on the group date too, which isn’t going to help her cause, although we’re betting she’s going to give us the classic <em>Bachelor</em> line “I’m not here to make friends” any moment now.

Going to be a long season, people.

[image via screen grab]