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REPORT: Trump National Security Pick Found to Have Plagiarized Yet Again

monica-crowleyeditedIn a report by CNN’s KFILE, which broke the story last week about former Fox News contributor Monica Crowley plagiarizing her 2012 book, Crowley was accused of plagiarizing a number of columns she wrote for the Washington Times.

Crowley, picked last month by President-elect Donald Trump for a national security post, has been under fire since it was discovered she plagiarized at least 50 sections in ‘What the (Bleep) Just Happened,’ with Politico reporting that portions of her Ph.D. dissertation had been lifted from other sources.

In this latest instance, KFILE found that copied work from other places in her columns for the newspaper. They showed times where she grabbed from Reuters, World Net Daily, the New York Times, Commentary (something she also did in the late 90s in a column for the Wall Street Journal) and the Associated Press, among other outlets.

Out of the 50 columns CNN reviewed, seven showed plagiarism. In a couple of instances, she copied her older work for the columns. The Washington Times editor-in-chief told KFILE they were looking over her columns.

Earlier today, it was reported that the publisher of her book had “taken down” the book while it investigated the plagiarism claims. So far, the Trump transition team has stuck by Crowley, calling the accusations politically motivated.

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