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Alec Baldwin Calls Streep’s Speech ‘Smart’ and ‘Effective,’ But Says People Are ‘Bored’ With It

imageedit_7_5994021531On Katie Couric‘s podcast yesterday, Alec Baldwin had some conflicting messages about colleague Meryl Streep‘s Golden Globes speech, which she used to rail against President-elect Donald Trump.

On the one hand, he praised the former coworker he is “completely in love with” by saying she was “speaking as a woman and women are deeply hurt by what’s happened and what he said and how he sounds like he treats women and views women.”

He  also said that “what she said was very smart, it was very effective.”

However, he still wasn’t convinced she should have done it at all.

“We’re at a point now where that kind of thing where somebody in the arts or performers, whether they’re actors or musicians or what-have-you, that piggyback that kind of statement onto an event, we’ve seen a lot of that and I think that people are maybe kind of bored with that. It’s kind of predictable for them,” he explained.

Listen above.

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