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Report: ‘Rape Melania’ Sign Was Brought to Protest by Trump Supporter

melaniaWith all of the drama about the Donald Trump blackmail dossier and his press conference on Wednesday, there was a Trump-related story that fell under the radar. Buzzfeed reported that the infamous “RAPE MELANIA” sign at an anti-Trump protest a few days after the presidential election was not the work of a genuine protester, but actually planted by a Trump supporter looking to smear liberals.

BuzzFeed was provided with screen grabs of a conversation between Trump supporter Jack Posobiec and their source using Signal, a secure messaging and voice chat app, with the phone number listed (Signal links users via phone numbers, not usernames or emails) matching the one they spoke to Posobiec on. Posobiec said that he did not send the messages and that they may have even been Photoshopped. Another source alleged that Posobiec is the person in the crowd at the protest holding the physical “RAPE MELANIA” sign, which he also denied.

Tim Gionet, formerly one of the organizers of the “Deploraball” inauguration ball that Posobiec is working on, also accused his former collaborator of making the sign:

While BuzzFeed was the first outlet to produce the messages from Posobiec, others had been calling him out on Twitter for being behind the sign: