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Sarah Palin Praises Trump After Presser, Says Reporters ‘Spit Upon the Graves of Our Veterans’

Sarah Palin (Shutterstock)Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took a dim view of reporters who challenged Republican president-elect Donald Trump during a press conference Wednesday, accusing them of disrespecting America’s war dead.

“Thank God…really, literally… thank God we’re not facing a third Obama term. If you caught PE-Trump’s first presser today, you saw it,” she wrote on Facebook.

Palin accused the press of metaphorically shooting everyday Americans. “For one, when PE-Trump takes on corrupt lying lapdog media it is vindication and validation for those without a microphone who’ve been shot by reporters engaged in politics of personal destruction,” she said.

“These ‘journalists’ – bad characters that they are – hurt our nation tremendously; they disrespect those who fought and died to protect America’s freedom of the press; they spit upon the graves of our veterans,” she continued.

“APPRECIATION fills our heart when our new President exudes our collective red, white and blue courage in the face of purveyors of yellow journalism,” Palin concluded [caps in original]. “Press members have worked as a herd of lost little lazy sheep. The herd is now decimated.”

Read the full posting below, via Facebook

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