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Paul Anka is Reportedly Performing a Familiar-ish Song at Trump’s Inauguration

shutterstock_111333554According to Radar Online, there is one celebrity who will be performing at Donald Trump‘s inauguration next week: Paul Anka. According to Radar’s insider, he was asked by Trump’s camp and was “only too happy to do it for his longtime friend.”

The 75 year old singer is known for hits like “(You’re) Having My Baby,” and for writing songs including the theme for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and Tom Jones‘ “She’s a Lady.”

Supposedly he’ll be performing “My Way,” which was made popular by Frank Sinatra. You’ve never heard the song like this before, though. Apparently, he’s re-written the lyrics for Trump, and he’ll perform the song at the inaugural dance. Trump has reportedly struggled to find performers for the January 20th inauguration. The source told Radar, however, that “Paul stood fast,” adding, “He wasn’t about to be intimated by anyone!”

The source said that while “he won’t let the cat out of the bag or reveal the lyrics yet,” the whole thing is going to be, what else, “huge!”

[image via Helga Esteb/Shutterstock, Inc]