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Rep Lewis’ Graphic Novel About Civil Rights Sees 106,700% Skyrocket on Amazon After Trump Tweet

Yesterday, Representative John Lewis said that he doesn’t regard Donald Trump as a “legitimate” president, causing the President-elect to insult him back by suggesting he do something to help the people who elected him.

As a whole slew of people already pointed out, Lewis has been a public advocate and servant for decades. As a leader of the Civil Rights movement, he has been arrested, beaten, and disparaged numerous times for over half a century. In fact, he tells the story himself in a graphic novel series called March.

The three-volume edition is currently the top-selling book on Amazon. It saw a 106,700% increase in sales after Trump said that Lewis is “all talk.” According to Think Progress, Amazon is also sold out of his biographyWalking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement.

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That’s the Trump effect for you, but this time, instead of spiking the traffic at a conservative website, he just sold a bunch of books about civil rights.

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