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Leading Internet Neo-Nazi Revealed to Secretly Have a Jewish Wife

sad pepeThe leader and founder of prominent Neo-Nazi blog The Right Stuff and the podcast “The Daily Shoah” (yes, really) was recently doxxed and reportedly revealed to have a Jewish wife.

Online he has always gone by the name “Mike Enoch,” a reference to far right British politician and Nazi sympathizer Enoch Powell. But after fellow alt-righter Mike Cernovich (who was feuding with Enoch and others) posted a YouTube video claiming that “The Same Person Calling Me [Jewish Slur] is Married to a Jew,” Internet sleuths now claim that his real name was Mike Peinovich, and that he lives on the Upper East Side with a Jewish wife.

In an email to Salon, Peinovich denied being Enoch, but admitted the he authored some of the posts on the site. “If you give any fucks at all then you could print that this is all bullshit. We are now being harassed not only by communists but by actual neo nazis,” he told them.

But “Enoch” appears to have confirmed that some of the rumors were accurate in a statement to his fans in a password-protected part of the site. “Yes my wife is who they say she is. I won’t even bother denying it. I won’t bother making excuses. If this makes you want to leave the movement, or to have nothing to do with TRS, then I understand,” he said.

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