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NFL Coaches Ask Team to ‘Be Cool on Social Media’ While Player Broadcasted Live to FB

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 8.24.10 AM (1)Following his team’s 18-16 victory over Kansas City Sunday night to advance to the AFC championship game, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin addressed his team in the locker room.

“When you get to this point in the journey,” Tomlin said, “not a lot needs to be said. Let’s say very little moving forward.”

“Be cool on social media,” another person, presumably a coach, said.

And Tomlin added, “Keep a low profile.”

All the while, unbeknownst to Tomlin, his speech was being broadcast on Facebook Live.

Wide Receiver Antonio Brown conducted an 18 minute Facebook Live broadcast from the Steelers locker room on Sunday night, which included Tomlin’s brief postgame remarks to his club.

And Tomlin probably would’ve preferred that the Steelers’ AFC title game opponents, the New England Patriots, didn’t hear certain parts of his address.

“We spotted those assholes a day and a half,” Tomlin said. “They played yesterday. Our game got moved to tonight. We gonna touch down at 4 o’clock in the fuckin’ morning. So be it. We’ll be ready for that ass.

“But you ain’t gotta tell them we coming,” Tomlin said.

Watch above, via Facebook.

[image via screengrab]

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