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POLL: 74% of Americans Feel Donald Trump Should Release His Tax Returns

trump tax return twittereditedA new ABC News/Washington Post poll released today reveals that despite what President-elect Donald Trump has said regarding the American public’s interest in seeing his tax returns, the vast majority of people would like for him to release the documents.

Per the survey, 74% of respondents said the incoming POTUS should show his tax returns. 93% of of Hillary Clinton supporters were in favor of this as were 83% of independents. Even 49% of Trump voters feel he needs to release the returns.

The poll also covered some of the concerns over Trump’s compliance with ethics laws and guidelines. 43% feel the soon-to-be president is doing enough right now to comply with ethics laws compared to 44% who believe he isn’t. 52% state that Trump’s proposed plan to have his sons manage his businesses is sufficient while 42% state that Trump should sell his businesses. As one would expect, these divide largely on partisan lines.

Regarding his tax returns, Trump has long insisted that they have been under audit and thus he is unable to make them public, repeating this claim at his long-awaited press conference last week. He also told reporters at the presser that they are the only ones interested in seeing the returns, saying the public didn’t “care at all” (He said the same thing during the campaign.)

Since last spring, the majority of those surveyed in the ABC/Post poll have stated that Trump should release the returns. In May, the number was at 64% and in September those in favor checked in at 63%.

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