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Putin Says That People Who Push the Buzzfeed Dossier Are ‘Worse Than Prostitutes’

putin-1-650x427Russian President Vladimir Putin used a news conference on Tuesday to accuse President Barack Obama of a conspiracy to undermine and delegitimize Donald Trump before he takes office on Friday.

In recent weeks, Putin has consistently denied intelligence reports suggesting that the Kremlin ordered a cyber campaign to interfere with the 2016 election to Trump’s benefit. Today, Putin took aim at the dossier released by Buzzfeed last week, which suggested that not only was Trump “compromised” by the Russians, but also contained unverified claims about Trump.

Putin denounced the contents of the dossier as fake news, while saying those who used it against Trump are “worse than prostitutes.”

“Prostitution is an ugly social phenomenon. But people who order such fakes which are now used against the elected President of the United States, fabricate information and use it in the political struggle, they are worse than prostitutes, they have no moral limits.”

Putin went on to say that Trump “has been with the most beautiful women in the world, so why would he need prostitutes in Moscow?” He went on to deny that Russia collected information on Trump, as well as the accusations that he commissioned cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee.

“We are witnessing an ongoing acute political struggle in the US, whose task is to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect,” Putin said. “The media frenzy surrounding Trump speaks of the degradation of US political elites.”

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