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Trump Blasts ‘Rigged’ Ratings Poll Saying He’s the Least Popular Incoming President

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-3-32-36-pmPresident-Elect Donald Trump is doing that thing he does whenever he sees something on the news that he doesn’t approve of.

Two new polls have been released by CNN/ORC and Washington Post/ABC News, both of which suggest that Trump has grown more unpopular since Election Day. Both polls show that Trump’s approval rating sits at approximately 40%, and that Americans have not been particularly impressed by the mogul’s transition efforts.

Trump issued a couple of tweets this morning where at first, he boasted about how many people are pouring into Washington D.C. to see his inauguration:

However, it wasn’t very long before Trump decided to strike a more negative tone:

The 40% approval rating means that Trump will be the most unpopular president in recent history. President Obama had a 84% approval rating when he took office, George W. Bush was sworn in with a 61% approval rating, and Bill Clinton had a 67% approval rate.

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