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Israeli legislator sees Trump in biblical terms

Donald Trump's inaugural address

Donald Trump’s inaugural address

WASHINGTON – An American-born member of the Israeli Knesset, in Washington for the inauguration of Donald Trump, says he sees the new administration in biblical terms in an era in which the words of the prophets are becoming a reality.

“One change that made me sit up and take notice was when Trump said during his inaugural address that the enemy of the free world is radical Islamic terror, something so many have been waiting to hear a leader say,” said Rabbi Yehuda Glick. “We’ve just gone through eight years of depression from what Obama represented, and we just inaugurated a president who, throughout his campaign, connected strongly with Israel and Jerusalem.”

The member of the Knesset, who advocates open prayer by Jews on the Temple Mount and was attacked by terrorists a year ago added: “We are in a Biblical era, in which the words of the prophets are becoming reality. This new president can choose to be Pharaoh or he can choose to be Cyrus. Cyrus is mentioned in the 45th chapter of Isaiah and Trump is the 45th president. I don’t have any promises from God, but I saw so many people there who had great hope.”

Glick was among a delegation of Israeli parliament members who attended the inauguration and adds that the political and spiritual relationships between Americans and Israelis and Christians and Jews is rapidly changing for the better.

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The delegation to President Trump’s inauguration last week included two Likud members of Knesset, Glick and Sharren Haskel, organized by Hayovel, a non-profit organization which brings Christian volunteers to Israel. Also in attendance, though not part of the Hayovel delegation, was Oded Revivi, mayor of Efrat and chief foreign envoy of the Yesha (Judea and Samaria) Council.

“If we want to stand with Israel, we have to start out this administration correctly we have to acknowledge Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and everything that means,” said Tommy Waller, founder of Hayovel. “We concentrated on the significant Christian events surrounding the inauguration and connecting the MKs to those leaders.”

He added that there are a great many within the Christian community who “have a heart for Israel but there is a lack of knowledge. This election signals an opening to begin bringing these people and Israel closer to each other.”

The day before the inauguration, Rabbi Glick attended a three-hour prayer session with more than 1,000 Christians.

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