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‘It’s Making America Hate’: Piers Morgan Slams Trump for ‘Overly-Draconian Executive Order’

piers morgan

Piers Morgan has been one of President Trump‘s most vocal supporters, but he actually came out strongly against Trump’s executive order banning entry into the U.S. by refugees and people from 7 predominantly-Muslim nations.

While still taking the shot at “the often absurdly exaggerated anti-Trump hysteria that greets everything he does” and saying he has no issue with strengthening immigration laws, Morgan thinks the president has seriously erred here:

There is no good reason why people with perfectly valid permanent resident green cards have been rounded up at airports, handcuffed, and threatened with deportation.

Slashing the number of genuine refugees America will accept going forward, and taking none from Syria ‘indefinitely’, is utterly reprehensible, too.

These people are fleeing the very Middle East battlefields sparked by the illegal, immoral and disastrous war on Iraq.

He said it’s a “massive delusion” to think that Muslim terrorists are the biggest threat to Americans, citing gun deaths. (Cable news junkies may remember Morgan making this a big issue when he hosted a show on CNN.)

Morgan thinks Trump’s order is “overly-draconian” and unfairly punishes a lot of innocent people. He concludes with this plea to Trump:

‘We don’t want them here,’ President Trump said yesterday, referring to Islamic terrorists. ‘We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.’

Every sensible person would agree with this sentiment.
But a lot of those directly and instantly targeted by this crackdown DO support America and DO love the people deeply.

Hence the furious response.

This executive order is not making America great.

It’s making America hate.

Think again, Mr President.

You can read Morgan’s full piece here.

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