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POLL: Will Fox News Fire Bill O’Reilly?

Bill O'Reilly

Advertisers are jumping ship off the S.S. O’Reilly Factor at a rapid pace.

Since Bill O’Reilly was outed as having paid a whole bunch of settlements to women who accused him of sexual harassment, his show has been suffering. Still, his contract was renewed as the news broke, though it was before all of the ads got pulled.

The question now is whether Fox News — which is also being sued for allegations surrounding sexual harassment right now and which lost Roger Ailes for the same thing last summer — will keep O’Reilly around. He is, after all, the most popular cable news anchor. If all these companies keep pulling their ads, though, will he continue to be profitable?

Whether the Factor is profitable or not, do you think O’Reilly will get the boot?

Vote now. The poll ends at noon tomorrow.

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