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Save PBS: U.S. General Makes Impassioned Plea for Public Television

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An infamous general has written a plea to save PBS and published it in the New York Times.

You’ll remember Stanley McChrystal as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan who gave Rolling Stone an interview during which he criticized then-Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama‘s handling of Iraq. Obviously, Obama and the administration weren’t delighted by the Rolling Stone piece, titled “The Runaway General.” He was replaced and then retired and then became a Yale professor.

Today’s op-ed claimed quite simply that PBS — whose funding would be slashed under President Donald Trump‘s proposed budget — keeps America safer.

“It’s a small public investment that pays huge dividends for Americans,” he wrote. “And it shouldn’t be pitted against spending more on improving our military. That’s a false choice.”

He went on to point out that while it may seem strange that a 34-year combat veteran would speak out so publicly about PBS, his “experience has taught [him] that education, trusted institutions and civil discourse are the lifeblood of a great nation.”

Stanley McChrystal, or how I learned to stop worrying and love PBS.

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