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Matt Drudge on ‘Big Danger’ of White House Leaks: ‘Major House Cleaning Needed’

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Matt Drudge took to Twitter this afternoon to decry the leaks coming out of the Trump administration.

He linked to one of the many pieces out since yesterday providing a behind-the-scenes account of how the White House was handling with the instant uproar over the firing of FBI Director James Comey. The Axios report he linked to features one anonymous White House official saying, “It’s insane. The whole thing is just insane.”

And that’s not all:

Sources at the White House described scenes of confusion in the hours following news of Trump firing Comey. Internally, at least at a fairly senior level, people were scrambling to figure out what happened.

The firing was done in such haste that his own comms shop couldn’t catch up, and the vast majority of White House staff learned about it on TV when the news broke, per White House sources.

On Twitter, Drudge sent out these warnings about White House leaks:



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