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BREAKING: White House lawyers seeking ‘experts’ on impeachment process

CNN reported on Friday that President Donald Trump’s White House counsel is seeking experts on impeachment proceedings in order to prepare for the “possibility” of a Trump ouster.

White House sources reportedly told the network that despite believing a likelihood of a Trump impeachment, they have begun the process of seeking counsel in the event an impeachment became necessary.

The sources claimed that they believe the president has the continued support of the Republican Congress and that “impeachment is not in the cards.”

The insiders said that White House lawyers are vetting experts as a preemptive — and defensive — strike against Democrats calling for the impeachment of Trump.

A representative for the White House did not comment on CNN’s story.

It was reported on Thursday that Democrats plan to poll test whether or not to push for a Trump impeachment.

Several Democrats have floated the idea of impeaching Trump following a New York Times report that Trump allegedly requested that former FBI Director James Comey close the investigation on former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn. Comey reportedly wrote in a memo about a meeting with Trump that the president said to Comey of the Flynn investigation, “I hope you can let this go.”

Democratic Rep. Adam B. Schiff (Calif.), however, told the Times that “no one ought to, in my view, rush to embrace the most extraordinary remedy that involves the removal of the president from office.”

The only Republican so far to suggest a possible Trump impeachment if allegations of interference in the FBI investigation is proven is Republican Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.).

Update: Fox News’ Brooke Singman tweeted that the White House denied these claims.


President Donald Trump repeatedly tried to woo former FBI Director James Comey through phone calls, private sit-downs and even a hug, according to a published account of their relationship by a Comey friend. Benjamn Wittes, who runs a blog called Lawfare and describes himself as a Comey confidant, shared an extensive readout on his site Thursday of what he says Comey told him about his relationship with Trump. Wittes describes Comey as bothered by Trump's efforts to chit-chat with the FBI director, who traditionally is supposed to maintain a formal, clearly defined relationship with the president.

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