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This is how bad Megyn Kelly’s ratings have gotten already

Megyn Kelly’s show is already experiencing an enormous drop in ratings after only a week of being on air. And it’s so bad that her show was beaten in total viewers by the rerun of another news show Monday.

According to AdWeek, a rerun on CBS’ 60 Minutes not only beat Megyn Kelly’s show, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” on NBC, but garnered more than twice the total viewers.

About 3.6 million viewers watched Kelly’s show while more than 7.9 million viewers watched her head-to-head competitor, a rerun on 60 Minutes. The viewership also represents a drop of 42% from a week earlier, the debut episode with Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation.

Adweek also reported that her A25-54 news demo viewership also dropped 33% from last week, from a 1.2 rating to a 0.8 rating. The 60 Minutes rerun received a rating of 1.1.

Kelly has been absolutely pummeled in the media and on social media over her interview with conspiracy theory advocate Alex Jones, which has not even aired yet, but is scheduled to run next Sunday. Critics say she is providing an underserving platform for an unsavory media figure that misleads his audience, while she has countered that she is merely following upon President Trump’s use of Alex Jones’ platform for his campaign.

There was some good news for Kelly in the ratings however – the show represented an improvement for NBC in the a25-54 news demo for season-to-date average for the 7pm E.T. time slot.

An anti-gun violence organization founded by parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School has dumped Megyn Kelly as host of an event in Washington this week because of her plans to broadcast an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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