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‘RELEASE THE TAPES’: Hannity Sides With Alex Jones Against Former Fox News Colleague Megyn Kelly


It would appear that when it comes to the current commotion between Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones, Sean Hannity is taking Jones’ side over that of his former Fox News colleague.

Kelly interviewed Jones for her show tonight, but over the course of last week, the InfoWars conspiracy theorist has been slamming NBC while making accusations about how Kelly would misrepresent him and make him look bad. Jones has leaked audio of his pre-production conversations with Kelly in order to create the notion that her motive was to lure Jones into contributing to a hit piece on himself.

Jones claims that he secretly recorded his complete discussion with Kelly in order to offset any deceptive editing she supposedly made throughout her NBC segment. Hannity has taken notice of this, and he sent out this peculiar tweet after Kelly’s interview aired tonight.

This wouldn’t be the first time where Hannity got into an awkward moment of opposition to Kelly.

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