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Poll: Historic Numbers of Americans Now ‘Strongly Disapprove’ Of Trump Presidency

A new ABC News-Washington Post poll had some dire news for President Donald Trump.

Among the many revealing figures, the poll found that just six months into his presidency, Trump’s approval ratings had slid to historic lows.

As it stands, his approval ratings today are holding at just 36%. More ominous still, 48% of Americans now “strongly disapprove” of the president’s job performance. Just to put that in perspective — neither president’s Obama or Clinton in their combined 16 years in office ever reached such a point among the U.S. electorate. George W. Bush hit the milestone only deep into his second term after years of morass in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Though bad polls are nothing new for this president, the ABC findings seemingly got under his skin this weekend, provoking a presidential rebuke on Twitter.

Going on from there, it was more bad news.

A full 48% of Americans said U.S. leadership in the world had gotten “weaker” while only 27% said stronger. A majority, 52% also said they were of the opinion that Donald Trump was trying to impede the Russian investigation. Another 50% also said they liked the current healthcare law, Obamacare. That’s a milestone for legislation once so unpopular, it handed the GOP control of congress in 2010.

There were a few bright spots, however, mostly in voter confidence of the other party to be any better. When asked about Democrats, 52% of voters also said the party didn’t stand for anything except opposing Trump.

— though if his approval ratings continue to sink, that may be enough!

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