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This day in WND history: Cheeks-in-2-seats violation sparks subway bust

Cheeks-in-2-seats violation sparks subway bust

subway_sleeperJuly 19, 2003: If Stephen Lamarch’s early-morning subway commute to his 4 a.m. landscaping job at Rockerfeller Center makes you tired just thinking about it, you’ll sympathize with the 21-year-old man’s decision to stretch his 5-foot-6 frame over two seats – after all, at 2:30 a.m. there was only one other person in the train car.

Well, two plain-clothes cops had no sympathy for the drowsy commuter, whom they saw as a scofflaw caught in the act of violating the ban on taking up more than one seat per posterior.

“NYPD. You’re coming with us,” Lamarch reported the officers saying before he was ordered off the Manhattan-bound subway, detained for about 15 minutes and grilled about his identity and destination before being issued a summons for taking up more than one subway-car seat.

A police spokesman backed the two cops, saying they did the right thing.

“The New York City Police Department credits the enforcement of petty offenses with a 14.5 percent decline in major crimes in the transit system in 2003,” the spokesman said.

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