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Trump Blasts Opponents After Health Care Fiasco: ‘Dems Scream Death as OCare Dies!’

Has the health care obituary been premature?

On Twitter, President Donald Trump announced an emergency lunch with Senate Republicans in order to hash out remaining disagreements over the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare.

On his favorite social media platform, Trump warned that his Senate colleagues,”MUST keep their promise to America,” and blasted Senate Democrats who “scream death as OCare dies.”

The president’s tweet may have been intended as a warning, but increasingly seems like a plea after the GOP repeal plan died in the Senate on Monday. Last ditch efforts by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to force a repeal only vote collapsed less than 24 hours after the idea was floated and led to Conservative calls for his ouster.

In remarks yesterday, President Trump initially appeared to wash his hands of the whole fiasco, sniping about how Democrats had led to the bill’s failure and how he was prepared to let Obamacare fail and force Democrats to own it.

On the final moments of Morning Joe, Scarborough dismissed the tweet, in some solid off-the-cuff quipping.

“Memories that last a lunchtime,” he snarked.

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