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This day in WND history: Supreme Court justice admits, ‘Not all our decisions are right’


Supreme Court justice admits, ‘Not all our decisions are right’

Aug. 11, 2005: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer confirmed what many believe when he confessed to the annual conference of the American Bar Association not all rulings from America’s highest court are correct, admitting judges don’t have “some great special insight.”

“We do our best, but not surprisingly a lot of those decisions create a lot of strong feeling in the country,” he said.

WND-20-YearsDuring the conference, Breyer also defended the increasing practice of the U.S. Supreme Court examining laws and rulings in foreign nations to help come to conclusions here, admitting, “It has hit a political nerve.”

“We’re not bound by any foreign law,” Breyer said, “but this is a world in which more and more countries have come to have democratic systems of government with documents like our Constitution that protect things like free expression. … Maybe we can learn something. I mean they’re human beings, too.”

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