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Trump Hypes Positive Poll Two Days After Decrying ‘Fake News Suppression Polls’

Just a little over 48 hours after decrying polls as “Fake News,” President Trump took to his Twitter account to pimp out a Zogby poll showing his approval rating is no longer in critical condition.

However, when seen back-to-back with a two-day-old Trump tweet decrying polls as “fake news” and “suppression” tactics, readers have a clear image of the president’s “It’s Complicated” relationship status with polling data.

The positive poll promoted by the president should be taken with a grain of salt though, as it came during the same week Trump received the lowest approval rating of his entire presidency, according to FiveThirtyEight‘s poll tracking data.

On the bright side for the White House, this new polling information may prove to lift Trump’s spirits as he vacations in New Jersey, and even negate the need for his “24-hour suicide watch” proposed on Morning Joe.

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